About The Artists


Natasha Hoen

Illustrator, Painter

Natasha Hoen (maiden name Poleshuk) is a contemporary artist that primarily uses acrylic paint with various gel mediums on canvas, wood and Plexiglas panels.  Natasha was born in 1976 in White Plains, NY and grew up in Florida. She received her Bachelor's in Fine Arts Painting from School of Visual Arts, NYC in 2000. Natasha then continued her studies in the Masters program at Yale University. She decided to withdraw from the Masters program and continue her journey in a different direction. She spent the next several years working, being a wife, and raising a family. Natasha never lost her love for art or her desire to paint and once again is expressing herself through her art.

Natasha's work has an abstract-surrealist quality to it. Her drawings have a creature-like feeling to them as if they are real organisms from the deep blue abyss or some galaxy far away. Her work is influenced by nature; the colors, the shapes, and the precision of detail.

She often uses a fluid art technique when making her works. Pouring or squirting the paint onto canvas or wood panels, allowing natural reactions to occur, then manipulating with wire to create new shapes and reactions. Sometimes she uses very controlled pours based on a drawing she may have done, while other attempts are spontaneous or accidental in nature. Her process is both meticulous and chaotic. Natasha's work leaves you with a feeling of playful whimsy and wonder.



Natalya L. Kozlovski

Illustrator, Painter, Graphic Designer, Mixed Media

Talya is an about to graduate senior from Indian Hills High School and will be pursuing Visual & Performing Arts at Montclair State University. She experiments with multiple, traditional and digital mediums. She prefers creating characters and landscape design with a heavy concentration on Fantasy & Renaissance influences. She also can be hired to create caricatures for custom 'D&D' characters.

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Emily Kern


I think it's important to introduce myself to new clients who hire me to photograph personal events of their lives and turn them into lifelong memories. I have always had a love of photography and what started as a hobby has become my profession. Since the birth of my niece I have learned first hand how special it is to freeze time with pictures, and I am so excited to help you do the same.

Why I became a photographer? 

    I became a photographer because I love meeting new people and helping them create new memories that can last a lifetime. In the seven years that I have be photographing, I have met a number of amazing families and learned their stories that make them so unique! 



Peter Marcalus

Sculptor, Shadowboxes, Mixed Media

Peter A. Marcalus is a lifelong NJ resident and has lived in Oakland for 36 years. He studied art at Syracuse University, The Arts Students League and has a Master of Arts from Montclair State University (1981). Marcalus has always focused on figurative sculpture. Over the last 45 years he has worked in mixed media, clay, bronze, aluminium and sheet metal.



George Krane


 For most of his life, George Krane pursued a career in engineering. However, he always had a love for the arts. Upon retirement he settled in Waldwick, NJ. There George's childhood interest in artist stamps inspired him to start painting on canvas. After years of experimenting with various techniques and materials, George created over 150 original pieces.

From the most realistic still lifes, to intricate patterns or impasto landscapes, the artist has taken his work in a variety of directions. George Krane's ambition is bringing joy to those around him through the use of color and beautiful subject matter.



Annie Piombino


I am a Boutique Lifestyle Family Photographer, specializing in creating beautiful heirloom quality artwork for your home. I believe capturing your memories is just as important as the end result and try to provide a wonderful session experience for you. I am able to easily get a feel for my families and notice those fleeting moments. The pride in a new dad's face. The camaraderie between siblings. And I know how to create an environment for you that allows your family to relax and express all of that. I take the time to get to know everyone and always allow time for the youngest members to warm up. What I hear most of all after a session is ‘my child had so much fun and wants to know when they can play with Annie again’. Nothing makes me happier!

I combine my passion for photography with my 20 year background in graphic design and fine art to create for you one of a kind, custom artwork. Because, honestly, a house is not a home until there is artwork on the walls. And what better work to display than your own family?

I'm a mother of one amazing young man and married to my wonderful husband of 20 years. My family is the greatest part of my life, which is why I understand why yours is too.



Terry Galvin Anderson

Illustrator, Painter

Original illuminated Celtic art designs with 24k gold accents.  Framed and matted giclee art prints.  Personalized gifts to bless such as wedding artwork, house portraits, special occasions, artistic invitations/announcements, cards, and commissions. Founder of Anam Cara ArtDesigns, Terry is a chaplain, artist, spiritual director, art-workshop instructor, and retreat leader and is an ongoing student of medieval religious iconography and illuminated illustration.

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Aleksandra D. Kozlovski

Illustrator, Painter, Mixed Media

This young, middle school artist enjoys exploring different mediums of art - digital, markers & pencil. This current display are new ventures for her. She has explored anime and still life and is currently enjoying designs featuring flowers. She likes sharing her quirky take on the world.


Tracy DiTolla


Tracy DiTolla received her BA in art history from William Paterson University, her MA in art history and her MFA in studio art from Montclair University. She currently resides in northern New Jersey and heads the art and graphic design department at Warren County Community College.  She exhibits her work throughout New Jersey. Her work examines violent imagery and stories derived from Catholicism and are taken in and reinterpreted in imaginative and domestic spaces.  Her work explores the effects of those images on the mind of a child through memories of her own childhood.


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Mame Schwarzfischer


I am 68 years old. I have lived in Oakland for 50 years. I am a retired civil servant bookkeeper and worked at the Oakland Library. I volunteer for the Oakland Public Events Committee and the Oakland Historical Society. My Grandmothers were of Lenape descent and taught me how to sew and do bead work. My Grandfathers were from the British Isles (Wales and Ireland)


Larissa Symbouras

Painter, Author, Face painter

Larissa, a former lawyer, has been a professional face painter and party entertainer since 2003, and beekeeper since 2014.  She's a wife, pet mom, sister, and really cool aunt. 

She's been an artist from childhood, loving all mediums, and a teacher since the days she made her younger sister play school when they were little.  She isn't scared of any animals, but was very scared of bees until getting several thousand of her own.

Larissa lives in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey with her husband Eric, who's also her biggest supporter; two dogs, Jack and Conor; Catimus, their cat; their guinea pig, French Fry; angora rabbits, Mal and Wash; shorthaired rabbit, Thumper; Chickens, Cher, Adele, Madonna, Carrie, Reba, and Lita, and several tens of thousands of honey bees.


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Vilma Mirkov

Owner Operator U Paint Studio

I began my career as a Design Illustrator, specializing in creating stylized perspective renderings in watercolor, acrylic, pen and ink, marker, and colored pencil. My goal is to bring my passion for art, nature, and people to create a truly unique painting experience.

My Mission Statement

My mission is to ignite your passion for art and painting. Our sessions

will be presented in a way that enables you to have fun while you hone your skills and create works of art that could be downright amazing.



James Klimek


I have not been a lifelong artist. Not even close. I have had a long career in corporate America working with Production Publishing equipment. In early 2014 I started taking a class at The Art Students League of New York a their Sparkill location. It was a sculpture class using blacksmith skills. I always enjoyed working with my hands and using tools. Throw in the fire and I figured ‘where’s the bad part’? It quickly became a passion.
As I said, not being a lifelong artist, I do not have all this great art rolling around in my head waiting to get out. For me it’s more of a trial and error process. Begin with a flat straight piece of steel, start bending and hammering and see where it goes.
I like to think I am inspired by nature. The shapes and designs that come from nature are simply unlimited. Mostly I’m glad for the chance to do something that I enjoy, and if I happen to produce something that people like, it’s a bonus as far as I’m concerned.
I am married with two grown boys and I have been an Oakland resident since 1992.


Performer's Bios

Zumbini with Sarah Logo (1).png

Zumbini with Sarah

Created by Zumba® and BabyFirst®, Zumbini® is an early childhood education program that uses original music and movement to promote cognitive, social, fine / gross motor skill, and emotional development for children ages 0-5, all while creating the ultimate bonding experience for families. The program combines singing, dancing, and instrument play as educational tools for 45 minutes of can't stop, won't stop happiness, learning, and fun!

Sarah Viviani is a Licensed Zumbini Instructor based out of Bergen County. She also is licensed for the Zumbini® for Schools program, which can be brought to preschools, daycares, camps, and other locations where parents typically are not present for activities. 


The Oakland Library and Veteran's Park  was a Feature Venue of the Creative Bergen Arts Amble 2021.  For more information about the Arts Amble go to www.ArtsAmble.org

This event was sponsored by the Great Oak Park Committee, Arts In Oakland, the Oakland Public Library, and the Borough of Oakland.

Special thanks to Kevin from Real Brave for audio support. Annie Piombino for her fantastic photography of the event.

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